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Workshops and Classes

I have been facilitating percussion workshops for over 30 years now and have found myself in a myriad of settings with the widest age range from nursery to elders.

- 'World music' : Brazilian, Cuban, West African and Middle Eastern percussion genres. Each session will involve traditional techniques and styles.

- Body Percussion Workshops : I'll show how to create great rhythms and sounds from just your body!

- Boomwhacker Workshops : I'll teach you some really fun and creative ways to play with these innovative tubes!

- Recycled Instruments : using pre-loved materials to make instruments such as rainmakers from carpet tubes and drums from tin-cans and balloons.

All workshops can be for Schools, Colleges, Special Schools, private groups or the Corporate sector.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in lessons, classes or workshops for you or your setting and we can discuss your individual requirements.

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